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GYB Sends 11 Coaches to Trail Blazer Youth Coaching Summit

We had by far, the largest number of coaches at the summit last weekend (September 29th)! This is what makes me the most excited about this community, we all went in with the same unified goal to get better at teaching and coaching our Glencoe youth. In total, 11 Glencoe area parents invested a full Saturday to help our youth get better!
This summit, while it was focused on coaching the game of basketball, also took time to teach us how to be better spectators, positive support systems for our own kids and how to support coaches while they are coaching our kids.
To help you all get a better view of the summit, I asked Ragen Bartle, Jon Marson, Alex Nguyen, and Megan Huston to share some of their key takeaways. 
You can find links below and all of the letters here.
NOTE: for those that are new to Little Dribblers, our volunteers earn 1 star on their Glencoe shield for each year that they volunteer. Just like for Jon below, you may have zero basketball experience, and we still have the same requirement for you to earn that star: get on the court and give some kids a high five!
Roll Tide!
Jeremy Stewart
President, Glencoe Youth Basketball

Glencoe Youth Basketball

Our mission is to leverage the amazing connective power of youth basketball, in partnership with local schools, to strengthen communities and encourage healthier kids and families.


Glencoe Youth Basketball has started a special project called the Athena Project. You will hear more about this project in the future and what action we are putting in place so that our girls always feel comfortable to Play Like a Girl.


Please take a look at this video from the "always" company to help get inspired with what our mission for this project is all about.


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