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Glencoe Basketball sends 11 to Nike Basketball Clinic.

Glencoe Coaching Preparation

By Rian Petrick, (Board Member #3), 10/15/17, 9:00PM PDT


Glencoe Basketball sends 11 to Nike Basketball Clinic. Glencoe Youth and Varsity Coaches spend full day at Clinic honing basketball knowledge and sharpening coaching skills.

Volunteerism is a crucial need to any community that want’s to provide opportunity to youth. We are very fortunate in the Glencoe Community to be blessed with many eager volunteer coaches! They are energetic about contributing to our community by using basketball as a youth development tool. On Friday October 13th, eleven of our coaches (the most in attendance from any one school program), took time away from work and/or personal endeavors to attend the Nike Basketball Clinic.

It was a special event as former Glencoe High School basketball player and current Oregon State Beavers head basketball coach, Scott Rueck, was the keynote speaker. Coach Rueck didn’t discuss “X and O’s” but rather challenged coaches to spend more time establishing positive team culture. He stressed listening to players and challenging players to set goals that would have a much more profound impact on their life than basketball stats. Attendees also received basketball instruction from a variety of notable high school and NBA coaches. 

I’d like to thank our volunteer coaches in advanced for the sacrifices they will make to their personal time this year in order to provide a vital service to better our community. Glencoe Youth Basketball is excited about their skills, interest in learning and commitment to youth development. As an organization, we  are committed to investing in our coaches training and to their continual development.